Room Specifications


The SAMARI2005 modular design permits its expandability, depending on changing needs, and its adaptability, depending on changing circumstances. Its modularity also means that it can easily be retrofitted to accommodate new technologies and government regulations. HEPA filtration, air locks and chambers are ergonomically designed to protect people inside through its unique downdraft filtration system and to permit them to work in a comfortable environment.

This design meets all applicable government guidelines and specifications. American Safe Air is currently applying for certification under the Homeland Security Safety Act.


The SAMARI2005 is modular in construction. The pod framing is constructed from extruded 6063-T5 aircraft-grade aluminum. All aluminum components have a smooth-satin, hard-coat, anodized finish. The Lexan walls are constructed from a high-impact, shatter resistant polycarbonate with a thickness of .190". The Lexan is fire resistant with a flashpoint of 1060 Degrees Fahrenheit. The flooring is comprised of a 1" thick composite board covered with a " layer of textured, high-density, polyethylene plastic.

Table I.I


Operating principle

Negative Pressure Mailrooms are typically divided into different rooms to satisfy the production needs while providing containment and a cleaner environment to work in. Air locks are used for ingress, egress, quarantine when necessary, and to separate different sections of production. Air handlers are used to remove large volumes of air from the room. This process creates a negative pressure in the mailrooms. Air, and therefore particulates, cannot exit the room and can only move in an inward flow.


Durable extruded aluminum components are assembled forming the frame for the structure.


Shatter resistant Lexan 9034 is attached to the frame providing the barrier for the structure to maintain it's pressure differential. Reinforced Lexan is used on the ceiling for added strength. Lexan is fire retardant with a 1067 degree flashpoint.

Access Points

Air-tight Kawneer doors will be provide for ingress/egress through the structure

Pressure Indicators

Pressure indicators will be installed throughout the Negative Pressure Mail Rooms to allow users to see if the pressure differential is correct.


Table I.2


Operating principle

Each ASA-2M-450 air handler is designed with two levels of filtration. Each level contains three stages of filters foam, HEPA, and VOC. The air handler is designed to remove particulates from the air at such a large volume that the necessary negative pressure is generated within the room.

Air Flow

300-1000 cfm depending on configurations and room construction


14" duct collar


1- 8" duct collars


Class "B" insulated motor designed for continuous operation
Service: 120 Volt, 60Hz or 230 Volt 50/60 Hz
U.L. and C.S.A. approved


Variable Speed


Surge protection for motor with reset on exterior

Filter Stage 1

Foam pre-filter: removes large particles. Filter life: 6 months

Filter Stage 2

2 HEPA Filters: 100 sq ft each removing 99.97% of particulates from 0.3 microns. Filter life: 5-8 years

Filter Stage 3

2 V.O.C. Filters: Removes Volatile Organic Compounds and odors

Filter life: 6-12 months

Sound Level

76 db at source. Units are insulated to reduce vibration and sound.

Power Consumption

370 watts

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